Are You Relocating Out of Tulsa?

This happens quite often and can be either work, health, or family related. Some times a job will transfer someone out of state and the rest of the family has to finish school, end and find a new job, or wait for a house to sell. A new job with more pay can be a great thing but when you have to leave family behind, even though only temporary, that can be hard on a family.

Sometimes it can be health related were a family member needs to move near another relative to either receive assistance, or to give assistance. Maybe all your kids have grown and you want to be closer to grand kids, maybe your career is coming to an end and you want to "go back home".

Whatever the reason may be, if you need or want to move away and have a house causing some stress in your life, contact us. We can buy house very quickly, sometimes even in days. Contact us if you need a quick sale because of relocation:

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