Have You Recently Been Divorced or Is One Still Ongoing?

Divorce is a terrible thing to go through. It happens to half the people in Oklahoma. Many times the house was bought using Both incomes from each spouse to qualify for the loan. That means if one person keeps the house, they cannot afford it on their own. Sometimes they are ordered by the courts to be sold, sometimes one person tries to hang on to it. Sometimes it works out good so that one person can keep the house or it is in a hot neighborhood and sells fast. Unfortunately that does not happen all the time, so for the situation when you need to sell a house quickly because of a divorce, we can help. We buy houses and solve problems that the house or the situation may have.

Submit the following form and we can come out and try to solve the problem with your house.

Seller's Property Information Form




Has the divorce been finalized (completed) Yes,  No it is still ongoing
If completed, was the house awarded to you in the final decree? Yes,  No we both still own the house

Property Address:

Zip Code:  
Please tell us a little bit about the Property itself:
Is The Property Currently Listed with an Agent?  
If Yes, When Does It Expire?  
How Many Bedrooms and Baths?       Bedrooms


What is the Square Footage?  
What is the Construction?  
How much land is included? Lots
How Would You Rate the Condition of the House and Yard?  
How is the House Occupied?  
How Much Are You Asking for It?  
What Do You Think the Market Value Is?  
How Did You Determine That Value?   
Do you own the house Free & Clear? Yes,  No there is a mortgage on the property.
If so, what is your total mortgage balance? 1st Mortgage Balance:   

2nd Mortgage Balance:  

Other (liens/Judgments): 
 What Is the Total Monthly Payment(s)?  $
How many months behind is the mortgage?  it is months behind
Total Amount of Payments and Fees that are Past Due:  $
Total Amount of Past Due Property Taxes, if any:  $

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